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Our Mission is to provide access and attainment of post secondary education for all youth aging out of our nation's foster care system.

The nsoro Educational Foundation exists to ensure all young adults who have aged out of foster care system have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive and become educated, confident, self-sustaining, and contributing members of society.

And we realize this vision in numerous ways...

nsoro's Flexible Scholarship Program

While young people in foster care have access to some public and private funding sources, nsoro stands alone as one of the few, if only, options that provides flexible "gap funding" to students through age 26.

Degrees Across the Spectrum

nsoro's program is also unique in providing financial assistance at all levels of a scholar's education --- supporting Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, and Technical degrees.

Linking Scholars to Dollars

Beyond scholarship dollars, nsoro offers complete "wraparound" support for our scholars. While federal and state aid is available for post secondary education, we often find youth are unaware of these resources or unsure of how to access these funds.  nsoro advocates for these students and connect them to all available resources.

Life-Skills Readiness

We take our scholar's financial literacy and preparedness seriously by providing ongoing guidance on money management, planning for the future, and making wise financial choices throughout their educational journey.

Currently, we have 302 scholars across 192 universities.  We have an 80% graduation rate compare to the 4% national graduation rate of youth with foster care experience.

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